Happy Holidays, Garrison Keillor

Each year, as we gather with family at Yuletide with a tree in the house and we exchange gifts and think about togetherness at year end, and about snow and cocoa and sleigh rides and jingle bells and about talking snowmen and and jolly old fat elves who whose bellies are like bowls full of jelly, and flying reindeer with glowing noses and Heat Misers and Yukon Cornelius and his Bouncing Bumbles and we sing traditional songs and we eat traditional meals and stuff that’s bad for us and we maybe have a drink or two, we don’t tend to think very much about a kid who wasn’t actually born in December, but we have a joyful time anyway, and we tend to think we’re just as entitled to our joyful season as Garrison Keillor is.

So I think maybe GK could maybe ease off a bit, and not push us to think too hard about who is co-opting what holiday, because I don’t really think that comes out very well for him. Mmkay?